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Something about DNP from a while back:


Basically the mitochondria are the power factories of the cell. Just like the entire cell itself and it's core containing it's lined with a lipid layer that protects it from just anything getting in there, that's why transport molecules like carnitine are needed to shuttle acyl groups into the mitochondria. The layer around the mitochondria is unique in that it's actually a double layer. Inside the inner layer, the actual inside, is where the citric acid cycle occurs. acetyl-CoA, the final product of food, is taken through a 4-complex system that breaks it down and at each step, protons (H+) is created and pumped into the middle layer between its two membranes. So this outer space is full of protons, and the inside of the mitochondria are devoid of them, which creates a gradient where the protons desperately want to get to the inner space where the concentration of protons is lower. The only way they can get there is through the ATP synthase gates. Because of the flow of protons through the ATP synthase it is activated (look at it like a wind or water mill) and energy in the form of ATP is created. 


DNP is basically a very fat soluble aromatic ring with two nitrogen groups and a hydroxyl group (OH). It likes to nest inside lipid layers. All of them. But it doesn't do anything in most lipid layers, except the inner lipid layer of the mitochondria. The inner space is devoid of protons and creates a gradient with the outer space. It starts pulling on the DNP, rotates it's OH group towards the inner space and rips it's proton (H+) off. This leaves an O-. This negatively charged group wants its proton back but can't beat the gradient. However a different gradient is created by the protons in the outer space pulling that negatively charged O- toward it and donating one of the gazillion of H+ ions yielding the neutral OH again. 


You sort of get the picture now : This makes the gradient pull the DNP toward the inner space again and the process repeats ad infinitum as long as there is a gradient. Basically you create a proton leak. The result is that ATP synthase doesn't work and ATP creation is "uncoupled" from the citric acid cycle, and all that energy is released as heat. But the body senses an energy shortage, and starts asking for more food to be delivered to the mitochondria; so the gradient is always maintained (also why DNP makes you hungry). This isn't regulated by anything but the dose of DNP. So at some point zero ATP is created, and the heat levels in the body become dangerous to all physiological processes. This can result in death. Very few of the recent deaths associated with it are accidental, a few people tried to kill themselves with it knowing it was lethal. Sadly not knowing it's not a pleasant way to go, as it can take three days to day, full well knowing by day 2 they can't do anything to help you and having 48 agonizing hours left. Trust me, you don't want to go this way, so give this compound the respect it deserves. 


You always start at a dose fo 150-250mg from a trustworthy source recommended by someone you trust, or you simply don't try it. You keep that dose for at least 5 days because DNP builds up and you want to know how you react to a dose before you increase it. The two times I used it, I started at 200, increased to 400 and stayed there for 3 weeks. The first two weeks were actually very manageable. Fatigue, lethargy and lack of strength set in and you sweat more. But you can still function. The last two weeks however are a living fucking hell. The sweating gets so bad you change T-shirts three times a day (don't wear one if you don't have to) have to shower multiple times a day, and the only way I was able to go to work was because we had a giant walk in freezer and I'd go sit in there a -17 degrees celsius for a full 10 minutes every damn hour. At night you sleep on a mattress, no sheets, window open in the middle of winter and two fans aimed at you, your pillow wrapped in a towel and you still wake up in a pool of sweat. 


DNP also comes with other risks, it is a very strong oxidant that depletes anti-oxidant levels quick. Anti-oxidants are needed, but none more than Vitamin C, Vitamin E and curcumin. VITC and E were actually already being recommend by Dan Duchaine, and without knowing why that recommendation took on a life of its own and people megadosed it. That really isn't necessary, but taking 500-1000mg of C and 400-800mg of E daily is warranted, since those are the anti-oxidants needed in the eye. In fact this is the likely reason why DNP use can cause cataract and blindness in people. VIT E, C and curcumin have actually been shown to stop the progression of cataract. You may or may not need these, but we are talking about losing your sight, so you may not want to be taking that risk. 

In fact I'd consider this the biggest risk if you use it more than once. If you are careful, with a protocol like above, and not the shitty 1 week build up to 800-1000mg DNP protocols some recommend, then trust me you'll realize perfectly well you shouldn't be going higher. In fact I don't ever use DNP anymore, because the result over a complete diet is the same for me, and the suffering is just as bad. The only thing is that with DNP, across a 3-4 day span each time, the fat loss was almost linear and very dependable, like 0.3-0.4kg a day. That makes timing your diet very easy.


Having said that, DNP use has to stop AT LEAST 3 weeks out from any competition. As you can lose 8-10kg in 4 weeks, you won't really notice it visually, as you'll be flat, miserable and full of water. It'll take at least another week for the DNP to clear your body sufficiently, and then another week to return to normal, visually, leaving you with prep week only to fine tune things. 


To give you an idea of how toxic DNP is to cells, have any of you ever had a fungus on your toenail ? Do you know how long you have to apply those treatments to get rid of that ? Like twice a day for 4-5 months. I had one my first time on DNP. That fungus was gone in a week on DNP. Cellular respiration stops. In simple organisms like fungi and bacteria that's instant death.

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