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HELP_Daz69 - questions about short cycle

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Hi All, 

I have some questions and i like to know what opinion have especially  mr.Daz69, and with  full respect,  the rest of the Members.

Excuse my grammar, english is not my native language. Deeply apologies!

About me:  40y/male/12%bf/ 183cm(6ft) / 82kg(180lbs) good general health.

Training Experience:

- bodybuilding hobbyist, 12 years in total.

- Pro rugby player, 6 years first in this field in Eastern europe in the 90s  

- Pro boxer, 5 years in total mid  2010.

Steroid Experience: 

 Total 2 cycles in the past 20 years. By today standards - newbie  

   - 8 week dbol and deca cycle in the mid 2000. Learn all bad  stuff hardway.

   - 6 months ago 2 weeks on / 2 off  (Thanks to *Bill  Roberts system.) Days 1-14: dbol 50mg, TRT Prop. 750ml/week, Day 1-14             Proviron 50mg/day, after day 14 - 25mg for 2 more weeks

PCT - after day 7  Aromasine(Exemestane) 12,5mg  E3D for 2 more weeks.

Results: No sides, no gino and ... to be honest no gains. Minimal gains (1,5kg) maybe water and fat...  Yes, i know this is the point of short cycles, but wit TRT Prop, after 2 weeks, i need to live the party before ever started.


Before asking, i tell you what is my knowledge-level about this topic IMO: heavy study for 2 years. Endocrinologist close friend, Med. journals,  friends pro builders opinions, tons of forums reading and google serchings.

Estimate knowledge level from 1 to 10:  4

What i know from this site:

I invest little time for reading all post from mr.Daz69 total 77 site pages and 6 days in total reading.

Why Daz69? Because i see His full transformation from middle level builder/sportsman who ask about Nolva in 20/10/2010 to Pro in 10 years! Enormous  amount of information! Tremendous experience. You have my Respect Sir!

My goals :

- 1. Low sides if possible,

- 2. 8lbs to 10lbs gains if possible

- 3. Short cycle


I start my last cycle in 7/09/2020. Now, 5 days later  i have my doubts - i'm on the track and i don't want to stop right now, i prepare for this cycle 6 months!

From the screenshot you can see my gear: Dbol, Anadrol, Sustanon 250mg/ml, Proviron, Letrozole 2.5mg, Aromasine(Exemestane), TRT Enanthate 250mg/ml.

Exclude from this cycle i have  Dbol injectable 10mil, Tren ex. and TRT Propionate .

Yes, i know, short cycle/propionate rule!!! I have access to real gear because my business partner have franchise pharmacy and the gear is my last problem.Only ugl is injectable Dbol and anadrol.
After heavily research i want to make hybrid  short cycle (Bill Roberts style) 4 weeks max, the best from the both worlds.

Bill Roberts statement: "After 2 weeks  you damage your HPTA - full shutdown"

Some people thinks Bill Roberts have a point, some people no, but for me, this Game have sense only "IF" I manage the sides.

mr.Daz69, In the last years, You said that with the first week of injecting we shut down and nothing will prevent this, point to cell dead etc. I find this site after searching exclusively for HPTA shutdown and after digging deeply in comment section.   

 - My questions:  

How to prevent full shutdown?

Nolva in the first day? Or is it too late ?

I don't have  and don't like the idea of HCG, need it, or with HCG / high levels E2 in the final days of the cycle I make it worse? 

If I jump to 4 weeker, is it make more sense to stretch it to 8 weeks and taper last week? Full 4 weeks on sust250 and the last 4 weeks - fast esters like propionate?


Nolva, Clomid and Tamoxifen.

Regardless of the similarities between Clomid and Tamoxifen, Clomid is superior in the beginning in the first few weeks of PCT, so how to prevent cells dead with Nolva or combination of Nolva and Clomid? Correct ?

Or "hcgenerate es"  from the beginning? 

Aromasine(Exemestane) - too many contradictions:   Eod or E3d from the beginning of the cycle, or start in the last day of the cycle?

Is SERMs and Ai is lost cause, something from the past ?

HCG or SERM use during a cycle should stimulating LH receptors at levels that normal LH lab range, correct ?


I'm lost after too much reading.

My blood test is excellent before this cycle, with natural Test Above normal (+15%), and what i found last year (good trening and only creatine in the supplement  mix) is this:  Dutasteride 1 tablet/week, Finasteride topical and  100mg Pregnenolone  support my natural test (+30% above normal ), and e2 of course by  +5%. This is what i find with my blood tests. Pregnenolone is a master hormone and i used "like" HCG provocator, this is how it works.

You said that if we don't prevdent full shutdown, we killed own cells?

How to prevent all of this?


Sory, too many questions. I don’t want  to f myself unrepairable.


Thank You Daz69 and rest off the Members!


Greetings from Bulgaria!

Screenshot 2020-09-10 at 14.13.38.png

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