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ok been cruising on test e 250mg a week for around 18 weeks now, have put on roughly 9 kg working my guts out at the gym and eating correctly,, i cant see where the weight is , the only thing i can see is my little muscles feel harder


Im going to start to stack, i want to see some size


I have plenty of test e

Have deca 200

Tren a 100


What can i use in a 6-8 week cycle ontop of the test to see some size??? Seriously guys im losing motivation 


I will be upping the test to compensate aswell


Plz help me get motivated again im sitting at 69kg




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You need more food


you probably need to address your training


your enthusiastic which is great. my advice would be to hire a good coach bro.... gear isn’t the answer for where you’re currently at. Gotta get on top of the basics 

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