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Hi Everyone,


My name is Jason, I'm the Harm Reduction Lead for the New Zealand Needle Exchange Programme. I joined the site because I thought it might be a good place to learn some more about steroid / PIEDs use in New Zealand. I would like to see our staff around NZ have more knowledge in this area so we can provide better service to clients who use steroids / PIEDs. 


I also wanted to let you know that the New Zealand Needle Exchange Programme has just launched an online shop. You can purchase injecting equipment from our online store and it will be delivered by courier in discreet packaging with no mention of the needle exchange visible on the outside. You can access the store via our website https://www.nznep.org.nz or directly at https://bit.ly/nznep-shop 


If there is anyone who would be interested in helping us improve the service to better serve people who use steroids / PIEDs feel free to get in touch! 


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