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Hi I'm looking for views on my first cycle. I'm 23 year old male and 160lb. Fairly lean. 


Week 1-12/ 400mg Test E per week

Week 2-12/ 1mg arimidex EOD (do I need to do this??? Or just wait for signs to reach for AI's)


PCT I would go Nolva 40/40/20/20. Starting it 2 weeks after my last shot.


I have now looked more into HCG but will I need this? Will my body recuperate quickly considering its first cycle? I've always had high libido. 


I am also going to pay for bloodwork at week 5 so what is the optimum hormone levels for Estrogen and Testosterone during cycle?

I will get more bloodwork done during PCT but I would just like some opinions on my first cycle and wether you feel i should change anything. 



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If I were you I would:

  • Not take any AI initially and wait and see whether I develop high or low E2 sides, then adjust accordingly. Overdoing your AI will hurt your growth and they aren't very healthy anyways. 
  • Taper off test dosages towards end of cycle instead of using nolva as a """"PCT"""
  • Get bloodwork before starting the juice so you have a baseline to compare against. 

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Prove it. Inbox me. I’ll show you several emails from several people who after making Bitcoin payment were never replied to again. No shipping confirmation, no replies to updates. Nothing.

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1 hour ago, seotami said:

I never order more than 2kg in a parcel, so i always reciveved my gear. Its also important...that they send in evelope style.

thanks for the tips. i just realized you're in europe though so that may play a role. i guess i'll give it a go though and hope for the best as i'm in a bit of a desperate spot.

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