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Okay. Time to come out of the woodwork. Who stays on year round?

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I have in the past about 7-9 years ago. 
stayed on for 3 years at about 125mg/w. 
did a couple of blasts in that time but wasn’t really worried about it. 
Considering just staying on for a bit as a TRT/male contraceptive 🙌🙌

Wondering who else stays on? Has stayed on? Wants to stay on?


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By the time I came off. 

My training and diet were pretty average at that point due to my shitbox job in the aussy outback mining. Hence the decision to come off. 

didn’t have a PCT. it was a bit of an emotional roller coaster for the first couple of months. It wasn’t planned and just moved back to Nz with no contacts for PCT. But alas. All and all it was definitely manageable. 


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