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Newbie to Bodybuilding but not lifting

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I've been doing powerlifting prob 2/3 years.. but always stays in small weight class.. recently I've been struggling with a bit of mental breakdown and have no passion and energy do powerlifting.

Thinking about doing bodybuilding comp and getting big.. any recommendation for any good bodybuilding coach in WELLINGTON for newbie.. thinking about 6 to 9 month straight prep.also never done any juice.. but willing to do as well.. as said I'm not really new to lifting but new to bodybuilding..  help ya brother out please..


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Hey mate in regards to your mental  state,  body building is hugely taxing on you, bulking can be a good time but cutting for comp is fucking hard physically and mentally.

And if you add hormones to the mix its a whole new level.


Not saying dont do it but seriously consider you mental state befor taking gear.  


My advice would be get yourself right. Sort your shit then jump on.  


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