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Getting syringes and needles in NZ

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3 hours ago, wgtnmuscle said:

normally you get from Needle exchange in your city

This might sound kinda dumb because i did not have this in the country i came from......

Do they sell those luer lock 1ml syringes?

and do you need a prescription to get those syringes and needles??

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On 3/27/2020 at 5:53 PM, menace2anus said:

Hey guys, where do you all usually get your syringes and needles in NZ?

or is there a website that i could buy them from?

I know this is a little old but if anyone else is looking...


You can either go to your local needle exchange - you can find details of locations here: Needle Exchange Outlet Finder


The Needle Exchange Programme also has an online store which you can access via the needle exchange website http://www.nznep.org.nz  


Orders are sent out in discreet packaging, appear on your bank statement discreetly with no mention of needle exchange. Orders are dispatched with sharps containers.

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