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Covid 19 Home Gyms Set Ups

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Was just having a quick chat with Andy Murray online after seeing his home gym set up for working out during the lock down and thought I would start a topic on what everyone has set up at home to train, hopefully to inject some positivity at this time.

When I shifted house recently all my old PT studio gear was disassembled and sitting in our garage along with a whole house lot of other assorted stuff. I was looking to hane on to all it for when my kids are old enough to want to start training but my wife was able to give me a hand and get the key pieces assembled as we saw they gyms about to close.

I have a:

Full Power Rack w/Lat Pull/Low Row

Smiths Machine

2 Adjustable FID Benches, 1 with Preacher and Leg Extn/Curl (both removable)

Seated Calf Raise

7" Olympic Bar

Safety Olympic Bar

2 Olympic Ezi Curls Bars

About 200kg of Rubber Coated Oly Plates

About 200kg of Standard Plates

3 Tier Dumbell Rack

Fixed dumbells 12.5-50kg (just an old hagged commercial set)

2 Pairs of Spin Locks, one takes up to around 30kg the other takes up to 65kg

Lat Bar, T Lat Bar, Double D Handle, Tricep Rope, V Tricep Handle, Dip Handles for Power Rack, Ab Slings, 2 Suspension Trainers, AB Mats, Thick Rubber Bully Mats, Wall Mount Chin Bar.

2 Basic Stationary Bikes

Boxing Gear and Focus Mitts

Swiss Balls, Foam Rollers


Not all the toys you find in commercial gyms but hopefully enough to stay sane during this time,

If anyone else has a set up, would be great to hear what you have?

Stay Safe, D


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Nice bro plenty of gear.


we have a few KB, 200kg of bumper plates, an oly bar, concept 2 rower and assault bike. Wish I had of bought a little rack, bench and pull up bar before the shutdown but will get it afterwards. I train at home now anyway so been using this gear for a while. It’s amazing what you can do with little equipment. Can’t say I miss going to a full gym.

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I've borrowed some stuff from the gc's at the gym i train at, a squat rack, power bar, 200 of bumpers, and a flat bench. good enough for everything i'm keen to do at the moment training wise.

def enjoying training at home again so will buy my own gear once i know what's happening with my job/where I'm going to be living in 3 months :) 

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You're all so lucky, these gym setups look professional! 

My brothers got the power rack (bugger) but my folks still have a few dumbbells varying from 1kg to 20kg (plates) a couple of different sized resistance bands (all hail the assisted chin up :wub:) and a wealth of room to throw them all around. Tbh I'm really lucky! Couldn't imagine a lockdown without them.. scary :P


Hope everyone's keeping sane, safe and swole xox


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Some great gym setups here fair play to everyone!! The garage warriors are starting to shine now that gyms are closed. I had setup my gear ages back and did a basement conversion it’s now the gym dungeon have the plates and holders and various bars and a pair of FID benches.F7D86A33-7B19-403C-BD7D-28FE794FBFE3.thumb.jpeg.3caf27a0c4dc7fa0bca693e787ae942f.jpeg58757593-4289-45FB-B1B7-9BF33CA29344.thumb.jpeg.f4b3983ed2b2e11d6a142c6b46eb80c4.jpeg



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