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Hey all,


I used to post on this forum maybe 10 years back when it was nzbodybuilding...... was a good laugh, forum looks kinda dead these days though ? Or is there a more popular one google is not showing me ?


Anyway, ill be brief and can reply if need be, I have spent the last 10 years travelling and living abroad, however due to Covid-19 i am currently stranded back in my hometown for the time being so thought while i have this extra time on my hands it would be a good idea to hit the gym hard (along with some quality eating and supplementation of course),  have joined one of the popular gym chains here and must say im very impressed with the size and quality of equipment on hand.


Speaking of supplementation, still trying to get my bearings so if anyone can point me in the direction of a good supplement store in the christchurch area and a doctor who knows about HRT i would appreciate it. I have included two pics, first pic is just before i flew home and second pic was a month after landing, enjoy your sunday afternoon all.


Speak soon !





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