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Anyone still following>?

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Seems this section's pretty dead. I've gotten back into MMA after a several year break and have been really following the UFC, even Rizin, Jewels, OneFC etc lately and it's pretty exciting.


Got Adesanya vs Yoel coming up (which Yoel wins easily if he uses his wrestling)

Tony Fergusson vs Khabib (which is Khabib's best challenge yet by a mile, also a big fan of 10th planet and Tony)

Conor is back

A lot of exciting prospects in the asian comps, a lot of new interesting grappling leagues as well.



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Gonna be a good fight. Romero can bang, one of my favourite fighters. 42 years old, he is so durable and still one of the best athletically in the ufc.


Adesanya is on a roll, so much confidence which is hard to stop.


 Will be a goodie!

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