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arimidex instead of nolva/clomid for pct?

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I'm in the third week of my test E cycle right now and I've been thinking about doing 16 weeks and maybe even do tren 250mg for the last 8 weeks and my question  is;

is arimidex only good for on cycle estrogen control? or can we use it near the end of the cycle so that we don't get aromitization as we pin the last AAS dose

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it's gonna have an effect whether you are on gear or not.


PCT for me is:


1.keeping LH/FSH healthy on cycle (basically keeping balls prostate running as normal)

2.clearing out excess hormones when coming off (metabolites and the like can mess with feedback loop that turns on/off the testosterone signal)

3.running products that help boost recovery

4. tapering down AAS (optional - some guys like to go from high to low and rip the bandaid)


arimidex kinda helps with number 2 by clearing out excess estrogen, although you have some rebound estrogen (bigger issue for those on cycle) with arimidex.. where as aromasin doesn't have the same problem [unless there is new information on this]... but generally excess estrogen isn't a huge issue for most PCT.


Nolva and Clomid are more number 3, there are a few studies showing they help boost recovery.


I'd also be careful running tren right to the end of cycle, tren metabolites can be lurk around like an angry ex girlfriend for months on some people. 200mg is pretty low though.



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