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Erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety etc

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Apart from the obvious solution(and I know I'm not the only one) how does one deal? I'm currently on the little blue pill, I take l-arginine, Korean ginseng etc. Me and the mrs have sex every night sometimes in the morning. And I'm over taking a pill every time and I know it cant be healthy. But sometimes even the pill wont work. I've had everything tested and will be ringing my doctor tommo to see if there is anything of concern. P.s my mrs doesnt know I'm on the pills. Just wondering how y'all deal with it? I cant afford gear. But I'm at breaking point.

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I'm 118. But due to powerlifting I like to keep it that way. Although I am trying to cut down to 110kg. Have increased intensity, nutrition and cardio. Hopefully gets better. 


Cialis is super expensive. I'm getting 24 blue pills for 40 bucks. But the cialis is slow release so have looked into that option. 

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