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Beginner Cycle Advice

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Hey guys,


What are your opinions of 500 mg test e per week? as I have heard several times this is overkill for a first cycle.

Also, are clomid and nolvadex both required for PCT?



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Hey bro, it just depends on you and how you respond, some people can get away with 300mgs others need more, I would start at 300mgs weekly and use weighing and skin folds first thing in the morning each fortnight to assess your progress, if your not growing and the training and calories are in place increase your dose, it’s all dependant on you and how you respond to the compounds, as long as your not a rec drug user you should respond fine. 


Your PCT depends on your blood work 1 month after ceasing your injection protocol, but if your serious about growing a productive off-cycle would suit you better. 

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