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Is it this simple

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Right oh, so all I'm looking for is a yep your on the right track or nah just so this or change this and you'll be good.


Right so goal is bf reduction.

I'm 35 trained on and off for 15 years, bf when I started was 35% (3 months ago). Goal is get to a guesstimate sub 20%


Im "over weight", 170cm weigh 95kg, started at 106kg.


What I've been doing so far is using mfp, making sure my protein is high around 150g a day, and making sure I'm in a deficit.

lift about 4 times a week, it depends on work and commitments. Try to prioritise sleep. Cardio I do some skipping, rope work, kettles, stationary bike and treadmill max incline for at least 10 mins end of session.

Lifting I go for big Compounds and some accessory, I have about 8 different programs I follow doing at least 7 exercises a day.


If I want to loose weight and body fat am I on the right track? Deficit is sitting at around 500cal def.


Work is reasonably sedentary, truck driver on rotational shift.


Any advice appreciated or if you think I'm on the right track and it's as simple as cals in cals out and lift heavy that's good.


Don't wanna be super man, just a big lighter and have a bit of muscle underneath once I'm done. Not interested in keto, don't believe it's required.


Any advice appreciated

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