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RIP Old Bull

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It’s with sadness that I share the news of the passing of one of our oldest members, OLD BULL. Old Bull passed away yesterday on the 6th April.


Old Bull was one of our oldest current contributing members. He joined our forum in December of 2005 when it was nzbb.co.nz or (new Zealand bodybuilding) and was a consistent contributor from then till now. Always posting quality content sharing his vast knowledge. He ran a training journal titled “Beaten paths are for beaten men”. 


Old Bull or OB’s name is Warren Trent, he lived in wellington and was involved in the NZPF (New Zealand powerlifting federation) and was the man for the central districts affiliate of that. He owned and ran the powerhouse gym in  central Wellington. A no nonsense strength gym that is well known in the strength and lifting community. From world champion powerlifters to all black rugby players training there, if you want to get strong  this is the place to go. 


Rest In Peace OB, you’ll be missed by all of us around here. See you on the other side.






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Thanks for posting that obituary, Realtalk. That's terribly sad news.


Old Bull's been a member of this forum for almost as long as the forum has existed. And all that time, he's been the steadiest, most constant source of advice and support for up-and-coming powerlifters. It would be no exaggeration to say that powerlifters throughout the country owe their lifting careers to him. His passing will leave a big hole in this forum, and in the powerlifting community.


One thing I'm sure of... wherever he is now, he'll be continuing to fill out his lifting journal. Thanks for your time, OB. :-) 

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Some nice words here and my first post for years but being far luckier than Old Bull.

I talked to him many times how Id trained a 20,30,40 and 50 year old but never a 60 year old.

Old Bulls words to me were simple.... Just get under the bar and start squating, the first set hurts like f*ck and then it gets hard.

A true warrior and set a great example to how real gyms should still be.


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Really Sad news, Old Bull set me in the right direction Power lifting wise so many years ago, some simple advice and actions but i could be far off a good path without them.


Anyone know what happened to the powerhouse forum, is it still accessible or moved somewhere?

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