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Natty Lifter

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I know nothing about TRT, HRT or Steroids, so I have a few questions..


What is the safest steroid option or therapy ?

Can I low dose for a few cycles and keep some of the gains when I come off?

Where can I get this stuff?

Is there any natural alternatives that actually work?


I have been lifting on and off for about 6 years and been considering taking something to help.

I'm 41 years old, probably low on testosterone, alot of stress and relationship issues.

Lately it feels like I'm struggling to maintain size and avoid catabolism

But I think I have an ok body for my age but I know I can achieve better.

Diet is on and off, a bit of insomnia. I can naturally I can have a decent build but the amount of commitment, time, work and consistency it takes for me to maintain such a body is difficult due to other responsibilities.


Please help, would appreciate any advice especially from experienced users of members currently on therapy.

Here is a photo of me below when I've been at my best. Have other photos under ideal lighting and looking more lean and aesthetic but this shows a bit of size. 90kgs, still soft around the midsectiion with obvious fat showing.



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You have some good muscle there bro. You’d see good results from

a low dose cycle of testosterone or some Anavar if you wanted to cycle orally. The Anavar wouldn’t give you huge gains but would be quality gains.


you would probably want to sort out the diet and the sleep before you started so you could get the most out of the cycle. Creating a good environment while on the cycle is of utmost importance these things being nutrition, sleep and training.  You also want to be in a good state of mind. Steroids won’t fix problems, my suggestion would be to resolve problems in relationships and work place or whatever is frustrating you prior to starting.


but you definitely have a good base there and you could get some nice gains if you decided to go down that path.


good luck.

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