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Do you REALLY love your mrs?? 🤔

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Sup fam...

wanting to start an open forum for dudes chilling in or not in relationships. 

Basically....what are your high points and what are your low points for either perspective?


Imma drop some shitty topic fire. 

Ive been with my mrs for 6 years....

I’m 34, she is 24. Yah, you get my shit. 

Now, everyone keeps giving me absolute assholes on how hot my mrs is and how I’m punching etc (we’ve all heard this bullshit before) but, there’s this saying that this dude once said to me that just won’t leave my consciousness “no matter how hot she is, somebody, somewhere is sick of her shit”....which I cannot argue is 100% true...just due to my track records and I’m sure majority of the posters on here’s track records. 

You guys would have all had mates like “dude, she’s so hot, how the f*ck did you get her?”

was it through bodybuilding? Was it through vanity?

Mine was. 

Well, my last three relationships were based on vanity I guess. 

She was hot. I could show her off to my friends. Meh good to go. 

So back to being in a relationship for 6 years....that I’m currently still in. 

I mean, she’s still hot. 

I still get girls flirting with me. 

The dirty climax to this story is.....

Do I really love my mrs if I am sick of fucking her and want to f*ck her friends? 


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In most mammal species the male will f*ck multiple females. This is obviously a characteristic that would be selecred for in natural selection/ evolution of a species where the female is capable of looking after the offspring on her own. The feeling which you are calling "love" is just some shit that happens in your brain when you encounter and gain interest in a new potential mate with what appears to be suitable genetic marerial expressed as phenotypic traits. 


The social constructs and general expectations of monogamy and long term interest in a single mating partner held by most modern human societies (obvious exception being ragheads) are all a load of crap in terms of our psychology. They are contadictory to basic biological principles and the natural selection process which occurred from the recent past to likely at least tens of millions of years ago. Most of the advantages of long term relationships in our society are simply those associated with a financial partnership which you could just as easily (and probably more successfully) do with another male (no homo) or larger group e.g. a syndicate.

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Hear ya mate.

Some would say I'm punching also but f*ck sometimes I struggle... 13 years and I keep asking myself how are two people supposed to remain together forever when you are always changing, as we grow ( and we never stop growing) we change....


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Ive been married for over 10yrs! yes my Mrs was/is hot but its like buying a new car the first 6mths im totally IN love with it thrashing it every second i get and then after a while the shine wears off !...sure i love my car BUT i was more IN love with it when i first bought it and now its like meh yeah its a cool car it runs well need to spend a lot of money on it to keep it running, but you know for me its better the devil you know then the devil you dont!...so i guess im stuck with the same 10yr old car!...i can afford to trade it in HA!


Jesus sorry boys just read my twisted post! no more beersies for me! mods feel free to delete;-D

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