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The struggle is real... Advice

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Hi all 

Used to be a member here a few moons ago.. long story short. Used to be fat as then approx 6 years ago got fit as, at my best lost 30kgs from my heaviest... 

Am currently 12kgs heavier than my lightest and really struggling to find motivation to get back in to loving the gym, the burn, the pain, struggling to find the will power to stay committed.

Had an injury 6 months ago to which I then just stopped all gym work and started back on the beers... Have tried many times but that only lasts a week before I fall off again ... 

Starting to feel like shit, grumpy, starting to feel like I've past a point of no return, starting to feel fat where it wasn't before.... Struggling...

Any help or ideas please.... 

36 yr old male

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Just gotta get in there and do it man. Alternatively if you don’t love the gym anymore there are other things to do which will burn calories and burn off some steam... swimming, buy a Mtn bike, boxing/bjj.


or keep at the gym, you don’t have to start back into a 5 or 6 day routine like you finished on before you got injuried. Why not just aim to go twice a week and make them quality sessions. After a month increase it to 3 times a week and then to 4 and so on until you are going the amount you want. That’s the easy way to do it and will have less chance of failure.

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If you want burn your fats, don’t waste your time you should join gym again. You can do Muay Thai boxing. It is very effective and a way to get strong. You can physically and mentally fit and healthy. It totally depends on you will power. Swimming or Cycling is also a good option, which one is suitable for you, you can start it.

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