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Keto for cutting, high carb for bulking?

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Has anyone switched between keto and high carb for cutting and bulking phases? I thought about trying the keto diet during my cutting phase (+/- carb cycling), then switching to a standard high carb diet for bulking once I'm at an acceptable body fat percentage. I know its possible to bulk with keto, but my carb requirements are high and I can't lift heavy when my glycogen stores are deplete. My understanding is that keto diets burn fat more quickly than standard diets due to low levels of insulin release (as insulin stores fat, increases transport of glucose into cells which then converts to fat, and increases the difficulty of cells to breakdown and release fat), so wouldn't it make sense to cut with a keto diet, and then bulk with high carb?

Should I stick to high carb and focus more on caloric deficit and lifting heavy for cutting, then caloric surplus for bulking?

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Keto works great for fast fat loss.


high carb is great for bulking.


i usually start a cut by reducing carbs slowly and it may or may not result in Keto depending on my tame frame vs how lean I wanna get. 

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