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Skinny guy trying to get buff

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I'm new to this forum and looking forward to getting advice. 


Going to the gym was kinda intimidating because I'm skinny as shiz, it just felt different to be in there and the worst is this group of  5 buff guys that laugh at me when I work out. These guys spend like 40 minutes in a group making a lot of noise by laughing amongst each other, screaming at the top of their lungs when they lift and take pics at the gym! 




Now, I stand at 5'9 and 55kg. I've been training with a PT at city fitness for 6 months, bought the supplements he suggested and stuck to the meal plan he put together.


6 months later, I've gained 2 kg :(


If you were in the same boat as me and have gained solid muscle and weight. Please give me some tips



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Do they actually laugh at you, or you're perceiving it that way? Not calling you out on that, it's pretty rare to find that level of c*nt in the world.
And misunderstandings are quite common. Either way who cares man, the gym is about what you're doing. 
If its that bad to the point its effecting your workouts, talk to the PT or gym owner .

Congrats on the 2kg! a win is a win bro, claim it. 

 It may be best to start with you posting up what your actually doing, age, workouts, what you're eating and the supps. 
That way people can then talk on what it is they think is right and wrong


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Nothing wrong with 2kg mate!! Your winning bud! Feck those other ass clowns just focus on yourself, maybe you need to review your meal plan? You “may” need to simply eat more! You Keep throwing that Tin around bro! It will happen 

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