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Kia ora Everyone

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Kua is the nickname.... I am brand new to the world of powerlifting but been hitting the gym for a while (3 months lol)


Personal Best are as follows


Squad: 165kg

Bench 115kg

Deadlift: 150kg


Any training programs suggestions


1 question: I am sort of wanting to compete in 6 months time.... I want to crack 240kg on Squad, 235kg on Deadlift and 160 on Bench.... Is it possible?

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Hi Kua, welcome to Gymnation. I'm not a powerlifter, and can't really comment on what is/isn't achievable. But I will say this...


Where are you training? If you're an aspiring powerlifter in Wellington, you absolutely need to check out the Powerhouse Gym. If anyone can get you ready for a comp, those guys can.

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