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Keto diet

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Hi all

Thinking of doing the keto diet

Need to loose alot of weight as I am really over weight

I am 165cms

82 kgs

And 46

So very over weight


Any one done keto

And what's your views on it please


Thank you

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Hey Iron46, welcome to Gymnation.


Over the years, I've tried various "special" diets, from keto, to CKD, to the anabolic diet, to intermittent fasting... you name it. Basically, I've come to the conclusion that if these diets work at all, they do so simply because they're restricting calories - not because of some other magical reason.


My suggestion is this:

- Track what you're eating in an app like MyFitnessPal. You don't have to do this forever, but do it long enough that you can see what an average day's meal contains in terms of protein, carbs, and fat - and therefore how many calories.

- Reduce those calories. How you do this is up to you... You could reduce meal sizes across the the board. You could drop a meal altogether (I tend to skip breakfast because it suits me to do that). Or you could eat "normally" (as long as it's clean and healthy) for 6 days a week, and just designate one day as a low-calorie day.


Ultimately it doesn't matter, as long as your average daily calorie intake is lower. It's about what will suit your lifestyle and be easiest for you to sustain on an on-going basis. Diets like keto that severely restrict what foods you can eat, IMO, are much too hard to sustain long-term.


Hope that helps.

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Purely for weight loss I do agree with the comments above, simple math, calories burned versus calories in. Deficit in calories equals weight loss, excess in calories equals weight gain.

However after a year of eating every 2-3 hours, and lifting 5 days a week, I am enjoying the feeling of being in a fasting state (16-8 split).

I am of a similar age group to Iron46, and will keep you updated as to how this new eating plan goes. (1-week in). I have just downloaded MyFitness App to monitor my macros etc in my 8 hour eating window. I believe it is beneficial to rest the digestive system, and I am interested in what happens on a cellular level when the body is in a fasted state.

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