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DNP Cycle log

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Hi Lad's


I went through a bad break up and as up and down with moods and has found a new place to stay.


I went right of the wagon with food and ballooned up – sometimes smashing through 4 tubs of Ben and Jerrys in an evening.


I have attached my 12-week progress picture.


Recently I have added in DNP again. I have a lot of experience with this compound and take all precautions.


My cycle so fat has been


Day 1 to 3 – 300mg

Day 4 – 400 mg

Day 5 and 6 – 500mg


I will stay at 500mg as long as I can handle the sides, I’m using a keto type diet also.


I hope to update this thread every day or second day – and will update with a new picture weekly.


My weight before my cut was 198kg. Start of DNP was 94kg


Any questions fire away. 


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After a pretty rough day of sides. Tomorow I will drop back down to 200mg or 300mg and stretch this cycle out for another week or ten days. 

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On 9/27/2018 at 3:30 PM, gym_probee said:

How have you found the side effects? None the less, you're looking great. 

Hey Bro 


Sides, where not to bad, had one bad night when I got a little higher on the DNP.


I came off for 10 days then started again after getting blood work done and seeing all was okay.


New Cycle 

300 DNP

80 Clen (increasing each week by 20)

50 T3


Will try and keep updated. Zero side effects as of yet. 


Diet is

250-500 Protein 

Less than 30 Carb 

Fat 60-80 



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