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Hello team,

I have signed up today, after finding you all several times, in my google searching's for 'making some gains as a senior'

I guess I am a senior, in the bodybuilding world at 47 years?

I have trained on and off throughout my life, however just went serious this year, I had a weigh in this morning and still on track:

175 cm's

93.7 kgs

14.7 %

My goal........100 kgs @ 12% .........OK you can stop laughing now, I know that is a big ask at my age with lowering test levels etc etc but aim high right?

Eat, eat, eat, train and sleep.....

Looking forward to reading through the knowledge available, hello again.


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Welcome mate. Good to have you here.


It's true your test levels will decrease as you get older, but typically oldies still have a few other advantages over the young guys... like focus, patience and commitment - all of which will do more for your gains over time than a young guy with high test levels who half-asses it at the gym.


Go hard!

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