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Wellington gyms with lifting platforms?

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Kia ora guys, 

Does anyone know any gyms in Wellington central area that have the facilities for doing Olympic lifting, ie a platform and barbell? Bonus if they also have boxes from which to lift.

I’ve been to a few crossfit gyms but I’d like to do my own program and not pay a bajillion dollars for membership.

The other thing I’m looking for is just like a bar on which you can do hanging exercises- again common at crossfit gyms and unfortunately the pull up machines at regular gyms are not adequate... need to be able to go above the bar and swing a little!

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You could do worse than talk with Warren at Powerhouse up Taranaki St.


He has a pretty good Oly set-up, with proper bumper plates, great bars and so on - yes, they have boxes.  There's a few Oly lifters train there.   He even has rings for ring-muscle-ups, about the only thing I don't know he's got would be that bar for bar muscle-ups, toes-to-bar and the like.


It's absolutely no-frills - but the equipment's first-rate - nothing bent or cheap. 

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