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Where can I get an Ultrasensitive Estradiol test?

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Does anyone know where I can get an Ultrasensitive Estradiol (E2 - Oestradiol - Male assay) test done here in NZ?

Auckland/Northland would be preferable.

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58 minutes ago, Detonate said:

Be kinda interested in this too - as far as I'm aware the E2 test done by Labtests is intended for females and not males so results may not be worth bothering for

After quite a lot of research the best I could come up with in NZ was Eric Thorstensen <e.thorstensen@auckland.ac.nz> . He stated that “Estradiol is very difficult to measure to low levels because of the nature of the way it ionises, at best I can measure to 10pg/mL”.

He went on to say: “The new(ish) Estradiol 3 assay for Roche analysers has a limit of detection of 5pg/mL which is better than I can measure, I actually use it instead of my LCMSMS method for low samples (plasma)”.

I asked the same questions of DiscountedLabs.com in the USA who wrote: “I spoke with a technician at labcorp and he said that the Sensitive Estradiol test lowest range it will read is 5 and any levels lower than that would be reported as less than 5”. No units were stated in the reply. The ticket question number was: 3080 <info@discountedlabs.com>

I didn’t follow up because I found that I have a high PSA level ….. My focus has moved to that.

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