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Weakness and wanting to start protein shakes

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I hope you're all well

I am just writing in for a little advice.

I am 24 years old and works as a diversional therapist. 

I wouldn't say I am unhealthy though I am and always have been very weak. I struggle with aching almost everywhere especially my legs and put this down to my job and the silly amount of running around I do all day.

We have various support networks on sight and a physio that has visited. When I spoke to her about my problems she described it as doing cardio without balancing it out with weight training and I was just burning what I haven't got which it defiantly feels like I am as I am only small. 

I wondered if it would be worth me trying a protein drink to have during the day to try and build me up. She also suggested this could be an idea but I almost feel I need another opinion.

I feel I could do with going to the gym again to try and build myself up but this isn't an option at the moment due to work hours.

Would you think this would be a good idea or what would you recomened me doing?

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Hi Jessica. Protein does help you build muscle, but the benefit will be pretty limited unless you're doing weight training as well. But it certainly won't hurt, so you might as well try it. If you're doing lots of exercise through your job, you will need to eat more of everything to fuel that anyway - and a protein shake with a sandwich is a reasonable way to do that.


Protein alone won't make you stronger though - and it sounds like that's the main goal here. Honestly, I know it's hard to fit in weight training around work, but that's what you need to do, I think. Even squeezing in 30 minutes 3-4 times a week will be better than nothing. Do a couple of sessions on the weekend, and you only have to find one or two times during the week.


Hope that helps. :-) 

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