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Shotgun Supplements gone. Bought out by NZ Muscle.

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DISCLAIMER: NZ Muscle are a long-time sponsor of Gymnation (and they're truly awesome people and you should hit them up for all your supplement needs), but I think this is a topic that's legitimately news-worthy on its own merits anyway.



As you might have seen, Shotgun Supplements has now been bought out by NZ Muscle.


This is huge. Two of the biggest players in the NZ supplements industry, and one has just eaten the other!


Shotgun had been started by a couple of guys in New Plymouth - one of them is/was a member here. It grew exponentially, and in 2014 (I think?) was bought by Torpedo 7, which in turn is owned by The Warehouse Group. So it's not exactly a small fish.


And now... it's been gobbled up by NZ Muscle - another independently-owned business going through their own exponential growth phase. Impressive.


homer simpson swimming GIF




What's your opinion on the NZ supplements industry? Who are the major players now? NZ Muscle, Xtreme Nutrition... and then who? Is there anyone else fighting it with these big guys at the top?

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So no more retarded advertisement with Andy  ? Great! 


I'm not sure who the players are anymore there used to be a few. My old go to was bodybuilding.co.nz which seems to be run through nutratech now. 


I just purchase by vegan friendly supplements from a local store now. 

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Too many to name. Supplement Solutions seem to be making an impact, they're stocking some pretty awesome products from Olympus Labs. 

I tend to look to the clearance sites for everything except my whey.

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There are so many different nutritional supplements out there now. Sometimes I get lost in a huge variety when I try to find something specific. With the help of reviews on various sites, I decided to buy Dermal Repair Complex . In fact, this complex is well worth the money because I can see my skin starting to look better than it did a while ago.

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