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First cycle advice

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Hey guys I'm new hear . 


Iv been training for a good 7 years but if pretty much plateaued.


Im curios, if you guys could do it agen (ferst cycle ) wat would u do and for how long ? 

Iv dun a good amount of research but nothing beats experience.  Any advice would be much aprishated. 


Im 25 years old ,5.7 and a little feet and 84 kg around 78-80 lean .


My goal is to hit that 90kg mark . Woch seems inposabil at the moment. 

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First things first, Using gear doesn't make you grow. You have to ensure your food intake is correct and your training programme. People get the misconcep that taking gear will help you reach mass fast. Without correct requirement, you will be wasting your time.  You can run your first cycle at low dosage (0.5ml) @ twice a week to get your body into it then increase it to 0.75ml on the 3rd week. You can run gear for a 12 week cycle or longer if you want but remember to take a break from cycles from time to time.  


If you don't know how to inject yourself either, that could be dangerous.  I recommend shooting into your glutes for first time users. 


Let one of your mates or someone know that you will be using gear cos if its your first time and you F#@K out, at least someone can assist with information. 


Good Luck

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you lack a training partner, come train with me for free for a month lol, and I guarantee you will never give up nor plataeu ever again :)... Should be ample time to kick start your motivation levels again, i train in Manukau City Fitness or New Market... come along free with me... 


"If you change nothing, nothing will ever change"  


Keep your head up high mate!   All you need is the Island Steroids.... Taro haha.... trust me, and you'll be warming up with 100kg benching and 200kg squats lol....

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