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Outbreak nutrition: REFUGE.

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This stuff is fantastic!!!!

After coming off 3 years of night shift I was having some trouble getting to and staying asleep. I had tried a couple of other products while on nights but they tasted like crap and didn't come close to this in effectiveness, even though they had some common ingredients. 

Flavour/Taste: 10/10. I went with lemonade and the taste is great, better than I expected. Like drinking cordial.

Mixability: 9.5/10. There's often a small trace of powder in the shaker after consuming, in fairness though, I do add 5g of glutamine to it so it could be traces of that.

Effectiveness: 10/10. Head hits the pillow, minutes later, lights out. I dont even wake up for that middle of the night piss and like a lot of people I'm drinking heaps of water.

Cost/Value: Currently selling on sites like No Whey for $29.95, at 30 serves. The current formula is on clearance in preparation for version 2.

Some basic composition info.

Phenyl-y-aminobutyric acid: GABA-B agonist, relaxing, calming, sedating.

KSM-66 ashwagandha: origin in ayurvedic medicine, anxiolytic for relieving stress and anxiety. Research supporting its reduction in the effects of cortisol.

Nelumbo Nucifera: anti-depressant and sedative properties. Possibly some anti-obseogenic/anti-diabetic properties.

L-Tryptophan: essential amino acid, conversion to 5-HTP,  sedative and mood boosting effects.

Phosphatidylsterine: claims to improve athletic performance, decrease muscle damage, improve endocrine response to exercise induced bodily stress.

Long post, sorry. 

Bottom line, this works (for me at least) and it's got a cool label.


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