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Fit20, NZ's latest gym chain, is about to open their doors next week. They're catering to a very specific section of the market - a customer I would cynically describe as "has more money than sense, and would rather not be gym training anyway".


What do you make of this?



Fit20 New Zealand managing director Catharina Flisijn said the franchise was a niche market in the fitness industry.

"We train 20-minutes per week, always with a personal trainer on appointment. People come in alone or together with a training partner but basically there aren't any other people in the studio at the time," Flisijn said.

"We cool the studio down to 17C so there's no sweating involved so people can come in their normal clothes. It's high-intensity training, six different exercises on six different machines - it's all about strengthening muscles."


Read the full story here:

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