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Mobility Megathread

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Looking for a stretching / mobility routine to do, because my entire body is very fucked up. Not injury wise, but incredibly tight / sore all over, expecially hamstrings, lower back, and shoulders.


Ive been looking at defranco agile 8 which a lot of people seem to do, and might give it a go, but it seems more of a active warmup sort of thing and does not adaquately "stretch" the hamstrings, and has nothing for the upper body.


Routine needs to be easy (but also include painful stretching), and require no equipment other than foam roll and ball.


@Pseudonym can pin this thread as a permanent sticky to make me famous provide a good resource for newcomers and for the experienced to share their knowledge.

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Good stuff. Will check it out.


Foam rolled it band and "piriformis" after leg day today which is the only stretching I have done in years besides touching my toes for hamstrings. Felt very strong release of tension, which was much needed.

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