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Taking down 650kg among other things

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Thought I'd start a new log. I find it's good to have a log even though insta etc. 

Early December I hit a 625kg gym total at about 103 bw. Happy with gains made in 2017. It was a light year competing. I did 570 in march and then a 145 bench only mid yearish. 

I have packed in a decent amount of bw and some of it is power belly I'll take that for the numbers I'm putting up. It's interesting that even though I've had a massive life stress this year if buying a business, I have still made great gains. I put this down to the less stress of competing. 

2018 I've made the call to compete with gpc and ipl if a comp slots in with them. 

End if the day I compete for fun and I'm not world class at this point so I might as well lift where it's the most fun. Regardless I'll battle with whoever I'm up against. Weighing up jumping in wraps or sticking with sleeves. I guess if I want to maximize my total and be  more competitive I'll go with wraps. I've used them a few times and are starting to get used to them a little. 

Goals for 2018


Sleeves. 235

Wraps 240-250




272.5 (600lbs)

Total 650

These numbers are reasonably conservative. I got 270 well past my knees and just couldn't lock out. Time to get it done in 2018


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Did 225x1 SSB in wraps the other day. 


Fri 11.1.18

Squats low bar

200x1 light wraps 

220x1 inzer z

230x1 Sig golds pb

235x1 Sig golds pb


Huge pb. Self wrapped to. Once I get my training partner back I should be able to go tighter. Think depth looked dunked too. 




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Mon 19.2.18







Disastrous walkout on first go @240 wraps weren't doing shit changed wrap on second attempt and got a decent walkout in. Had to dump bar on safetys in first go 

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Tues 20.2.18

Bench paused 






Not a great day. Gym is flooded again. Weather is crap. Shoulder and arms are fucked. I suspect from all the low bar and possibly bailing on yesterday's squat. Left shoulder felt nasty so didn't really push the issue on the 152.5

3 weeks out from gpc shoreline 3 lift. Just need to get my body to hold up. 

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Currently 2 days out from comp having to cut around a kilo to get under 100. Should be good tho. Have hit openers in last week or two. Moving pretty good. Body just healing up now. I'm going to push my limits to get 630 plus. Dream day would be 650

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Sun 12.3.18

GPC south islands 

Was a early start, Left town around 5.15 

Weighed in at 99.5. Didn't really matter as we were all up against each other anyway


Warms ups were shit. Last warm up @200 was slowslow. There were pound plates and whippy bars which threw things off a bit

Opener 220 slideshow

2nd 230 good

3rd 242.5 miss

Bench  this was were things went sour a little

Opener 140 good. Grindy ugly

2nd 145 miss 

3rd 145 miss

Deadlifts.  things were feeling better here

 Opener 220 butter

2nd 240 no worries

3rd 252.5 Absouloute grind of my life. Had to let my air go so I didn't pass out it took that long to lock out. Got the down command and whites. 

622.5kg total 45kg total pb 



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Bit of a update 

Since last gpc comp have stayed around 103/104kg. 

Have a push pull this weekend. In prep I hit a easy 151.5 bench. Have switched to a heels up bench set up which had helped emensly. Also ripped a easy 250 pull. Havnt really maxed out too hard this prep. Will see how it pans out. Have been doing alot of Hatfield squats put up 200x6 and 195x8 both beltless. After this push pull its 11 weeks out from my next gpc comp. Will jump back in wraps. I really want to maximise them so want to get plenty of time in them. Also want to show up with my bench from now on. My last 3 lift i only got my opener at 140 

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