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Low testosterone

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Hey team


normal test is between 8-30 (something's) mine is a 9. 


My doc was shocked due to my age (29) so made me do the test again. 


Again 9. If it was a little lower maybe someone would give me trt but that's a big maybe. 


I have lots of mental Illness which can all be linked to low test so: 


how can I get these numbers higher ?? 


Thanks team 

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No.. don’t do that. If you are mentally unstable then steroids is going to make that a whole lot worse. 


If mental illness is what you think is causing the issues, why not talk to your doctor about ways to manage whatever is going on?? Stress etc can be a huge factor and if whatever is bothering you can be made to bother you less, it may be problem solved. I’m not saying

this is the black and white answer, but it could be.


i would definitely look into this before looking into testosterone boosting medicine, especially due to your age.

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On 15/12/2017 at 3:21 AM, Dillydally said:

I'd happily do it. Don't know how to get it. I'm thinking of just going to les mills in Auckland and just hitting up body builders

Good idea.


High test/normal test/low test its all the same shit if you don't lift or don't care about lifts.

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