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I need help with dieting for strength

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Hi guys I've recently just completed my first powerlifting comp. During prep i wasn't to concerned about my body weight because I wanted to concentrate on my lifting. My weight blew out a bit to 127.5 kgs which i was happy with on the day because i still got my lifts up buuuut now that im done i really want to get my weight done and maintain strenght. I have a goal to make the 110kg grade come regionals on the 24th/25th of march. Now i know this sounds like a big task and i understand if i don't make it in time but at least im on the right road. Can anyone offer advice or put me in contact with the right people? Cheers.

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On 12/10/2017 at 12:39 PM, Realtalk said:

Bro, go see this guy.




I can vouch for him, he knows his stuff. He's got a degree and he walks the walk having competed at a national level. He will sort you out.



Agree, he sorted my diet out during my powerlifting season this year, kept me lean and gaining strength all the way through. Managed to get all PBs and records at the last comp. Highly recommend him: @trainlikeafreak

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