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Plank Exercise

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not better, not worse.


They can both serve a purpose. Planks IMO are better for general core strength and stability, crunches IMO are better for building the abdominals for aesthetic purposes. My opinion - do both :) as a superset.. Until your abs are on fire.. haha.

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I was mucking around with one of those TRX systems the other day, and discovered (or invented?) a few tricks for abs which I really liked...


Doing planks with my feet in the TRX loops raised my body position to parallel with the floor, which makes things a bit harder. There's also the stability factor - having your feet in the loops is much shakier than when they're on the floor.


To make things harder again, continue the planks with TRX, but place one hand on a medicine ball. Hold for a few seconds, then swap the ball to the other hand, keeping your plank position. Swap back and forth.


Then superset with pike crunches until knackered. (It won't be long.) :-D




I haven't really used the TRX much before, but I liked this little routine a lot. I'll definitely be doing it again.

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Isn't this taking a complex approach to a simple problem?


Hanging knee raises are good and can be done anywhere.  In addition to squats and deadlifts, that's plenty of ab action.


If the abs aren't well revealed by being lean, over-developing the abs can leave you looking fatter.


Like TLAF indicated, it's all about specificity.  What's OPs goal here?? 

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