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Chch nzifbb Bodybuilder meth import seizure.

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I genuinely went back and forth between photo and article, trying to work out which of the two guys was the bodybuilder. But maybe his troubles with meth took its toll on his physique?


I was curious to see if I could find any pics of him on stage, so I did a quick Google. Didn't find any photos, but I did find this story from 2009...


He was one of 5 young men who attacked a group of tourists in Christchurch - stabbing, punching, kicking and stomping on them.



Michael Harrison Cooper, a 22-year-old roofer, had cowardly kicked and stomped one of the men, when he was on the ground and had probably already been stabbed, said the judge. He had admitted charges of assault, assault with intent to injure, and intentionally injuring.

"Your parents are really struggling to come to terms with what you did on this occasion," Judge Noble told him, as he jailed him for two years three months.



Nice guy. :blink:

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Any one can be a bodybuilder now with all the categories. You could literally be a competitive swimmer, do a 6 week diet, put on a pair of board shorts and would be competitive. 


Its not sad to link it to bodybuilding. There have been two nz ifbb pros convicted of methamphetamine related charges. And other nz bodybuilders who have been charged with meth crime be it possession or supply. 


people are  always up in arms when they bring up that he was a bodybuilder. Well they included his name, his occupation and then there is his hobby which happens to be bodybuilding. After his job it

is probably the thing he spent most of his time doing so it's an accurate description of him as a person. Just as if he raced motorcycles, they would refer to him as that. They aren't picking on bodybuilding.

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