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Max bench at bodyweight

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Hi Everyone


I'm entering a competition at my local gym. Max reps at bodyweight for bench press. Anyone ever done one? 


What sort of training should I be doing? Currently getting volume at various loads about 150-200 reps per workout 3-4 times a week. Bodyweight currently at about 77.5 but I'll try to scrape in under 75. 


Also I've fully loaded on creatine and beta alanine. 


Anyone have any advice for me? Aiming for between 40-50 reps. 

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Being a skinny c*nt is probably best bet and sounds like you've got it covered. Don't imagine many people at 100kg or above could rep out 50 reps of their bodyweight. I definitely can't and haven't ever been close to it when I've given it a go. No idea about training but IME doing the reps as fast as possible helps.

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