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Actually going gym etc pt.2

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Haven't posted most of the year because haven't lifted most of the year. Did a fair bit of boxing though. Managed to maintain most of my weight and strength through the year by eating properly and being reasonably healthy. Mature person now so just a no bs log of my training while im back up in Auckland. This week training is just going to be full body work at a medium weight. This is ideal obviously for building back up a base level of strength, mobility etc and avoiding injury. After that just a basic strength program I was given back in 2014, but actually going to do it properly since im over being a little immature shit lol.


Week 1




  • Dumbell flat bench press (4 x 8), 22kg
  • T-bar rows (4 x 12), 35kg of plates
  • Front raises with 10kg plate (4 x 12)
  • Rear delt flies with 5kg dumbell (4 x 12)
  • Tricep pushdowns 4 x 12
  • Dumbell lunges 4 x 12
  • Leg extension 4 x 15

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Went boxing around 2 - 3 times a week. Not much but was something atleast and found it enjoyable.


Day 2


Machine shoulder press 4 x 12

Seated rows  4 x 12

Curls 4 x 8

Dumbell shrugs 4 x 12

Leg curls 4 x 12

Few sets of situps


Might do an hr walk tommorow around the reserve

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13 hours ago, PETN said:

What stuff are you doing at uni (e.g. what papers/major/degree) and are you still failing shit?

Nah getting A - B range. Repeated Law and changed second major to psych. Repeating was worth because fucked around last year and was also messed in the head as you know so this year is like a fake first year for me. Was a good year overall as well as academically. Had a friend who repeated as well then went on to win mooting etc and getting A's now. Lived in a good flat with good people and had a fullfilling social life.


For papers did intro law and 2 intro psych papers, and philosophy / history. Couldnt do more because was on conditional enrolment for failing 5 Bcom papers (all maths based ones)

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