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We recently passed a major milestone on Gymnation – over 20,000 forum topics created.


When you realise that means we’ve had 20,000 different conversations since 2004 (an average of 1,500 per year, and producing well over 400,000 posts in total), that’s an absolutely mind-blowing amount of discussion from NZ gym junkies. I’m hugely proud to think we’ve helped so many people.


As is customary at such times, there’s a few thank-yous to be made...


First, I want to thank our sponsors – and in particular, NZ Muscle. They’ve given so many prizes for so many competitions over the years, and generally kept the cogs of this website running. It’s no exaggeration to say we wouldn’t be here without them. On top of that, they’re just awesome people. I don’t do many plugs, but I’ll do one now – if you’re looking for a supplement store, go and see these guys. They’ve supported us enormously, and they well and truly deserve your support in return. Thanks, NZ Muscle – you guys rock!


Secondly, I want to thank all our moderators – past and present. It’s a job where you can’t please everyone, and those who are displeased are never shy about expressing it! Moderators don’t get paid for the work they do, but their contribution to the forum is invaluable. So to all the members of our moderating team over the years (and especially to Tom, our current moderator who is single-handedly fending off the spammers and trolls), a massive, massive thanks.


And finally, I want to thank our members over the years. This wouldn’t be a forum if you hadn’t made it one. The most satisfying part about being an admin here is seeing young members starting out, and old members who’d left coming back to help the next generation of lifters.


So where to from here? Onwards! I’ve actually got some news about some new developments for the site we’ll be rolling out shortly, and I want your input on it. But that’s a whole other topic... And I’ll start that one tomorrow. ;-D

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that's pretty awesome! as one of those aforementioned young newby lifters (well, not so young anymore... eep!) GymNation has been an absolutely invaluable resource for me in so many aspects over the years.


Thanks for the generosity NZMuscle and also for all your own passion/time/effort that you put in to keep this place running @Pseudonym. I'm sure there will have been patches where mere mortals would have given up but you keep on delivering updates, posting interesting/controversial topics and in general just being a good mate to the regulars here and encouraging any shy newbies to contribute towards making this place the wealth of knowledge it has become.


hope to one day be one of those oldies that comes back to chip in and help the next gen!

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