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Powerlifting belt recommendations in NZ?

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I'm looking for a 10mm belt and I know there has been a similar thread before but it was a bit outdated.

I considered getting a belt from getstrength but they are out of stock and I even emailed them and they told me they should have more stock next month but that was said in July and it's September now. 


I am not planning ordering overseas because it's too expensive.


Here are the some of the options I'm considering now:



Athlete X: http://www.athlete-x.co.nz/belts/7-athlete-x-powerlifting-belts.html


I couldn't find any reviews of these so please tell me your opinions or your experience if you have with any of the products. Thank you 

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The Kiwistrength ones (Dan Rudolph?) are OK - don't know anything about Athlete-X.


If it's a powerlifting belt you're after (as opposed to a CrossFit Velcro belt), then other local vendors to support  are:


Courts at Aotearoa Strong has Lifting Large belts - I've one of their 10mm single-prong economy belts and it's good.


Matty at Strongheld has Beast Genetic belts - also a really good brand.


Warren Russell at PowerFit has Metal belts. 


Finally, Raise Lower has both SBD and Titan. 


All those brands are IPF Approved which means they'd be legal in any (NZPF or other) competition.  All those firms also support NZ powerlifting events, clubs and athletes so are worth a look. 



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