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My wife is out there sumwhere?please help girls.

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Hey homies i use to work out at jetts in palmy about 3 or 4 years ago lol,and there was this blonde chick there very pretty girl,she use to follow me around the gym and always smiling hahaha.Anyways i had a girl friend at the time and coz i am a faithful one girl man,not a player,i didnt get to meet her lol.but now the girl i was with left me  :(  awhile back.so ive moved on finished crying(buckets full of tears) and all that sad boo hoo stuff that comes with a break up.so now i am trying to hunt her down(no creepy stalking) and she could be my wife hahaha.she had blonde hair about 5.4 height and she was beautiful lol,hahaha i know not a good description aye theres lots of girls who look like that,but this one was a cute little gem.i know you are out there somwhere girl :) can everone pray for me and help me find my baby girl lol and if you know how to perform magic wave your magic wand and make her find me hahaha i think she use to work at pack in save in palmy,and she will remember me the ugly short guy with a shaved head and covered in tattoos.hahaha thanks for reading peps cant hurt to try aye lifes to short,have a good day and take it easy its a jungle out there,chur thanks for hearing this lonely poor man out hahaha,peace.

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@M4matty - I think you should draw us a picture of her. I'm pretty sure we could help if we knew better what she looked like... :-)  


On 25/08/2017 at 7:19 PM, FellowshipOfTheRon said:

sweet, i've been waiting for the day this forum becomes a dating site. 

You and me both, mate!  

*lonesome sigh*

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My grandmother is a very active elderly woman, she spent half her life building my grandfather, and when he was gone she was very saddened. In order not to let her be sad, we showed her the best over 60 dating sites, where she was able to start communication. Now she has several friends there, and even accidentally met her classmate.

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