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what do you guys think of this power rack?

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i figured i would get this and a bench and put it on some rubber mats in my room.

i have a 7ft olympic bar; would that fit in properly between the safety bars? the dimensions says 1690x1450x2150mm  that would mean my weight plates would be whacking the safety  bars every time i lower the bar.



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I've never cared enough to measure a rack or bar but I'm guessing this rack is 1450mm wide. I doubt a 7 foot bar narrower than this on the bit of the bar in between the rotating bits where the plates sit.

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1. if your rack of choice doesn't come with the addons you want, ask the company if they sell it.


2. contact this dude on FB with details of your rack, ask him if he can make what you want : https://www.facebook.com/DSFabrication/


3. here are measurements of standard olympic barbell 131cm is the length between the collars or whatever they're called. now this is assuming you have an IPF / IWF spec bar but double check. it would have to be a pretty shit rack to not cater to a standard oly bar, but now you have the measurements you need to deterine that for yourself.



4. do a bit more research before buying racks and don't be afraid of the 2nd hand market, you may find some pretty sweet deals. also i have no idea how strong you are but you probably don't need to go super heavy duty everything. remember you may have to sell all this some day and more you spend, the greater your losses are hence the recommendation to check 2nd hand market first. trademe, fb for sale pages etc. just whatever you do, don't cheap out on the bar.



ps if you are in auckland and wanna buy a cheap but proven dead platform suitable for indoors (3 piece so easy to transport, easy to get in to normal house/rooms) then let me know. just been sitting around since i sold my home gym. 18010136_10158529963195254_5188216086795


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