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not on pc/forums as much as used to be but i remember last time i was lacking motivation i kept it together with log so lets try see if it works again. last thread was full of too much non lifting crap, aiming to keep this one clean.


peaked around july/august last year with the comp training and all then got bored as preoccupied chasing other hobbies for a while. stopped lifting seriously around november, had on and off relationship with gym in the new year and then became more consistent around june but mainly just machines. had first proper power lifting session for the year yesterday, it feels good to be back. was a bit surprised i could just go in and deadlift (in my opinion) a decent amount as if it were nothing.


wanna give myself a few training blocks this year build up strong foundation and try my hand again at some power lifting comps next year. no dates / comps in mind as yet.


body weight currently 62kg. still lean. not too concerned with gaining weight like i used to be, just wanna be the strongest that my frame allows me to be and still maintain some fitness for my other regular hobby (hiking).


05 August 2017

Deadlifts 2x5x60, 2x3x100, 1x120, 1x140, 1x160, 3x100


Pullups : 12, 8, 8


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Welcome back buddy. The iron is always there no matter what life throws at us.

Look forward to your updates.

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