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Cobra Labs Shadow-X

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My current pre workout was getting low and I saw this with a couple of other products dirt cheap on trade me, having tried a couple of samples previously, I wasn't going to miss the opportunity so I snapped it up.

I paid $25 for 3 tubs of supps!!

Did some digging and found that it varies in price at the moment between  $39.64-$58.99. iherbnz had it at the cheap price.

30 servings per container.

3 flavours - lemon zero, neon topic and magic berry.

I have magic berry.

 Im not usually that keen on the berry flavoured things but this isn't overpowering or sickly. Tastes a lot like the apple-berry drink sachets the kids have.

It mixes really well, but does seem to leave a lot of froth clinging to the sides. A quick rinse with a bit more water and down the hatch it goes too.

Performance wise, it doesn't light me up like the War+ did but that's not surprising as it doesn't contain DHMA. But I do get a nice sense of well being with it and good feels.

Once I started training I began to notice it's full effect.

The 2g of beta alanine is on point for me.

350mg of caffeine is about the same as my normal coffee so I find this pretty good.

The L-citrulline provided a  nice pump.

Definitely a different sensation to my previous pre workout but still effective.

This is a 9 out of 10 for me due to the fact the beta alanine dosing was more to my liking. The level of focus and awareness was subtle but lasted the entire workout and there was a good lasting pump.




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7 hours ago, Realtalk said:

What is the come down like?

None so far. I mostly train before heading for night shift and I haven't noticed any crash. A couple of times with the War+ I was completely buggered but that was towards the end of a rotation when I'm generally knackered any way.

The fact that there is no major stim in it limits that I think.

Training back before work tonight, doing deads for the second time in months so that should be a good test for it.

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3 hours ago, shane said:

Have you trained after a night shift Gazza if so how did you find it or do you prefer training before nightshift??

No mate, always train before my shift due to family commitments. Tried a couple of times after work years ago in another job but it didn't do it for me.

If I train before work the buzz etc from trainung helps get me through.

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Absolutely loving the effects if this at the moment. Getting the beta alanine feels 10-15 minutes after taking it without fail. Good energy, finding it easy to keep pushing ahead even when I'm shattered before I start.

Getting a great pump as well.

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