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lower dose cycle test

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Thinking about running my first cycle. Would be test e and thinking of a lower dose at 300mg a week. I am 5'8 or 176cm, 158lb or 72 kg am around 8-10%bf. The question was, is the lower dose vs the "gains" i could make worth even running a cycle that low or if i'm going to run a cycle i might as well run 500mg a week?

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My first one i just dun 250mg of test e once a week on a monday,just to see how my body reacted to the test.I got good gains from that.Thats what i did any way mate,i think its always good to start a bit lower for the first time just to be safe,coz you mite take a higher dose and go loco on everone hahaha:angry:This pic was taken while i was on my first cycle way back in the day.Hahaha check those hard niples out,f*ck i must of been a horny c*nt lol


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