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Got married, now I'm a fat f**k

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Hello again. 

Been a long while since I've been on here! 

Well, as the title reflects, life has thrown a few different challenges over the last few years (as with us all I'm sure) and training kinda fell by the wayside. 

Settled down, Bought a house in a remote little town in NZ with no gym facilities and have managed to not only lose all the muscle I spent years building, buuuuut bury it deep under a warm cosey layer of body fat. 

So hoping to see what I can do just around the house with a budget ass home gym and some trainers. 

But figured I had better reintroduce myself here and reassociate myself again with some like minded knowledgable people, who I can pick the brains of for some diet and exercise advice! 


So, hello again all. 


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Haha I know how you feel I got injured and let the training go completely. Always found an excuse to not restart, well its been about a year back into it for me and the muscle has started to comeback faster than I thought  it would.  Good Luck and welcome back !



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Thanks guys. 

Probably the biggest vice we all succumb to at one point is change. And sometimes change comes in the form of an unhappy relationship, shit job and a huge mortgage. Things get away on you. Alcohol and low budget eating replaces exercise. 

But f*ck that bullshit. 

Im looking forward to hitting it back but CLEAN this time. 

i want my damn abs back and I want to be able to do up my shoe laces without having to take a damn breath and hold it like I'm swimming or some shit lol. 


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