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Gym buddy for weight and cardio training

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Anyone interested to join in for Fitness  workout ? 
I currently go to Premier Fitness 5 days a week ,  3 day workout and 2 day cardio.

Am looking for a training partner , if you're an experienced trainer it would be plus for me to learn and train with you.

Am looking for a  disciplined regular gym buddy.


Hope to hear 

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Hey Kesh,


While it's definitely a good idea to post here (you never know who might see it), I always suggest people look in their own gyms as well. After all, those are the people who are already at your gym and training at the same time as you!


The best way to approach someone is just to ask them if they can give you a spot on a particular exercise. Then thank them and introduce yourself. Do that a few times, and you'll have a workout partner before you know it!

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