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Had knee problem the last 18months and seem to have kicked it now.


This is a record of what I have been up to lately. Taking it light and building up to some good squat weights.  Working weights three times a week with a light and heavy day same exercises just x 5/6 or x 10 with reduced weights. All weights in kg.


Squats ATG

60 x 6

100 x 5x3

120 x 5 


Rack pulls

100 x 5

180 x 5

220 x 3

300 x 1 missed

280 x 1

300 x 1


Bench press

60 x 5

100 x 5

120 x 5 x 3


Bentover row

80 x 5 x 4


DB Incline

35 x 6 x 4


Straight arm lat push down

72 x 6 x 4


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